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Childbirth and parenting

Water Birth book cover


Water Birth : Stories to inspire and inform

In this inspirational collection of stories, edited and introduced by Positive Birth Movement founder Milli Hill, the reasons more and more women are choosing water birth become clear.

The experiences of mums, dads, grandmothers, midwives, doctors, doulas and siblings sit alongside stories from some of the world's leading experts and pioneers of birth in water, including Janet Balaskas and Michel Odent.

A must-read book for anyone who wants a water birth, and guaranteed to change the mind of anyone who doesn't!

PB 140x216mm • 204 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-13-8
PRICE £13.99 / $24.99

Breastfeeding book cover


Excerpt: Introduction

Breastfeeding : Stories to inspire and inform

Edited by Susan Last

This collection of first-hand accounts by mothers aims to educate and inspire anyone wondering how to feed their new baby. The real-life stories of other women are hugely empowering for those who may be struggling with getting breastfeeding established or keeping going.

PB 140x216mm • 192 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-04-6
PRICE £13.99 / $24.99

Fit To Bust book cover


Fit To Bust : A comic treasure chest

Compiled by Alison Blenkinsop

Fit To Bust is a treasury of bits and boobs to celebrate motherhood and breastfeeding. Alongside favourite stories, cartoons, tips and titbits from the first edition, this revised version offers even more for breastfeeding mothers and those who support them. Veronika Robinson of The Mother magazine calls it "A gloriously joyful celebration of breastfeeding... for the whole family".

Proceeds from its sale will support Baby Milk Action in its endeavour to protect breastfeeding, and protect all babies, however they are fed.

PB 152x229mm • 258 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-10-7
PRICE £12.99 / $22.99

Home Births book cover


Excerpt: Introduction

Home Births : Stories to inspire and inform

Edited by Abigail Cairns

This moving collection brings together parents' own accounts of their experiences of home birth. With stories ranging from the comic to the profound it provides a window into the modern experience of childbirth at home, showing why parents choose their home environment for this most human and intimate of moments.

"The pushing stage involved me on all fours grunting and sipping cups of tea between pushes. One of the midwives joked that it was the most sedate second stage she had ever seen."

"Four hours after the birth we were left alone at home: the three of us, a bottle of bubbly and the cat."

PB 140x216mm • 280 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-02-2
PRICE £13.99 / $24.99

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Health and social issues

Circles of Harm book cover


Circles of Harm : Surviving paedophilia and network abuse

Kate Cairns

" ... have the courage to read this book and recognise the courageous commitment to a healthier society for which Cairns makes such a powerful argument." Adoption Today

Like blast from a bomb, organised child sexual abuse generates waves of harm far beyond the immediate impact. The devastated and haunted lives of victims are reflected in the experience of family and friends. The professionals whose work requires them to expose or heal the effects of organised abuse can themselves become secondary victims.Circles of Harm is a personal account by one such professional, designed to bring guidance, support and help to others.

Kate Cairns is an author, social worker and teacher who spent over twenty years living with and caring for children in a large family group. She has combined an exploration of the physiology of trauma with moving examples from her own and others' experiences to create a unique book, which will bring inspiration and hope to all who read it.

First published as Surviving Paedophilia, this new edition contains a foreword by Liz Davies, whistleblower in the Islington abuse scandal of the 1980s and an expert in child protection issues.

PB 140x216mm • 218 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-06-0
PRICE £15.00 / $26.99

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Utter Nonsense book cover


Excerpt: Biographies

Utter Nonsense : Selected Poems of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear

Edited by Tom Cairns

From much-quoted classics like The Owl and the Pussy-cat and Jabberwocky to the epic adventure The Hunting of the Snark, the nonsense poems of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear have a freshness and sense of fun that still speak to children of all ages.

These two masters of the absurd created characters that have entranced generation after generation: the Walrus and the Carpenter, the Dong with the Luminous Nose and the Quangle Wangle Quee are just a handful of the remarkable creatures to be found in these pages. Whether shared aloud or enjoyed on your own, these verses will continue to delight for years to come.

PB 140x216mm • 152 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-00-8
PRICE £9.99 / $19.99

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Social history and memoir

The Heart is Highland book cover


Exceprt: Introduction

The Heart is Highland : Memories of a childhood in a Scottish glen

Maisie Steven

Scottish rural life in the 1930s and 1940s was not always easy – it called for self-reliance and fortitude, a resilience to the demands of the changing seasons and, more than anything, a strong community able to provide mutual support and affection.

The Heart is Highland offers a touching glimpse of a child's life in Glen Urquhart, in a month-by-month account that vividly demonstrates how closely life in the glen was tied to the natural cycles of weather, agriculture and the community's social and religious calendar. From jam-making and ploughing matches in February to the summer delights of Sunday school picnics and woodland rambles, Maisie Steven extols the simple joys of outdoor life that so many children today are denied.

This best-selling book will delight those who remember life in the Highlands around Loch Ness, those who visit the area, and those who are curious to learn the lessons the past can teach us about how we live today.

PB 152x229mm • 208 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-08-4
PRICE £12.99 / $22.99

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Spirituality, wisdom and celebration

An Anthology of Hope book cover


An Anthology of Hope

Compiled by Campbell R. Steven

This remarkable collection of writings sheds light where there is darkness: all those who have suffered, whether through bereavement, illness, depression or other difficult circumstances, will find comfort and help in its pages. And there is so much more besides.

Drawing on both religious and secular traditions, editor Campbell Steven shaped a volume that can, if read daily, constitute a journey from desolation to hope across a year, although it can equally well be kept at hand and dipped into at will. The carefully considered poems, hymns, essays, articles and quotations include both well-known pieces and those that will be new to most readers, while the whole is a treasure-trove of thought-provoking writing that will inspire, reassure, challenge and comfort.

Already a word-of-mouth bestseller that has gone through five editions since it was first published in 1988, An Anthology of Hope is as relevant today as it has always been, and is sure to speak to the hearts of many more readers in Lonely Scribe's long-awaited new edition.

PB 140x216mm • 384 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-14-5
PRICE £15.00 / $26.99

A New Heart and a New Spirit book cover


A New Heart and a New Spirit : reflections on a christian life

Eric Stanway

For nearly seventy years Eric Stanway preached his faith in churches across the UK. His first sermon was delivered in the dark times of the Second World War, when he was just seventeen, and he continued to preach until well into his eighties.

Eric's faith is at heart a Methodist one, his Christian principles deeply entwined with his commitment to social engagement. This was realised in his work as a teacher, culminating in his role as head teacher of a pioneering residential special school in Gloucestershire.

In this book Eric's favourite sermons from across his preaching career are interspersed with memories of his life, revisiting some of the stories of his childhood and his early teaching experiences that he first explored in From Brickbats to Bouquets (2007). Seen together, they illuminate the enriching power of a faith that has been lived out day by day.

PB 138x213mm • 228 pages
ISBN 978-1-905179-11-4
PRICE £12.99 / $22.99

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