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About Us

Lonely Scribe is a small, independent publishing company specialising in print-on-demand books. This means that not a single copy of our books is printed until you order it, so there’s no overprinting, no transporting books between warehouses, and no unwanted copies eventually being pulped. If the book is ordered in Europe, it’s printed in the UK, if it’s ordered in the USA, it’s printed in the USA.

Environmentally, it’s a model we’re passionate about. But even better, it means that we can concentrate on publishing the books we want to on the subjects that are important to us. We’re interested in books that touch on human experience and life events, which explore how we can best conduct and celebrate our own lives as individuals and as part of families, communities and society.

We’ve just started to develop our catalogue, which currently includes titles in three main areas:

There’s already a small backlist, but we’ve got lots more in the pipeline. If there’s a book that you feel would fit in our list, or you just want to let us know what you think of our existing titles, please do get in touch.

Lonely Scribe is run by Tom Cairns and Susan Last, who between them have over 20 years of experience in traditional publishing and related businesses. Their aim for Lonely Scribe is to create a thriving business that will publish meaningful works using modern high-technology methods.